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Hungry Hereford Farm

About Us

The Farming Family

Born and raised on this farm and now raising my own family on the same farm is an adventure. Purchasing the farm in 2013 from my family gave my husband and I the opportunity to continue with small scale family farming. A new hobby for my Husband, who did not grow up farming, but rather riding his bike in Minneapolis where he grew up.

Brent & Becky

Married on the Farm

No better place to be married than on a farm. We were the pioneers of outdoor farm weddings. It wasn’t a ‘thing’ back then but ask anyone who came to the wedding and they will tell you that they remember it well. It was magical being married on the farm I grew up on! 

About Brent

Never once in Brents childhood did he ever say “I want to be a farmer someday.” He had never even been to a farm unless it was for a school class trip. He was too busy riding his bike through his Brooklyn Center neighborhood with detours to Minneapolis as often as his Mom would let him. 

After high-school Brent went on to trade-school to be a draftsman and used his high intellect and math skills for drafting up ways to build the best windows. This led to opportunities to work at a profitable construction company in the Minneapolis are where he has held many positions starting as a laborer in the field, to project managing and is now currently bidding and is a part owner. 

Somewhere in there he met a farmgirl from central MN and decided he should marry her. Her family owned a small hobby farm and suddenly farming was in Brents future. Continuing with working in the Minneapolis area, Brent operates the farm and has become as amazing owner of 60 acres of farmland, 15+ head of cattle, 40,000 chickens, 4 sheep, 1 farm dog named Bo and a beautiful family of 7. It’s amazing where life takes you! 

About Becky

Born and raised in the country in a small farming community is a great way to grow up. There’s something speacial about small towns where everyone knows everyone and is always willing to help their neighbor. This small town in particuluar has a culture of it’s own that is hard to adapt to for those that arent from the area. Even a 12 mile car ride to the county seat is a culture shift. 

After high-school I ran far from the small town atmostphere to get a good flavor for big city. Living in St. Paul then to San Diego was great fun for the 20’s. But after marrying Brent and starting a family, the small farm seemed to be calling me back. 

Fortunately, Brent was willing to go along for the ride. And a ride it has been. The adventure of up’s and downs, twists and turns that farming brings is like no other. We thank the Lord for every minute of it! 

The Beef Came With It!

Along with the farm came the beef. The land has been held to our organic standards for forty plus years and we have kept it that way. We have continued to enjoy eating off our land and raising our cattle with meadow hay. 

Grass-feeding beef is an exceptional way of raising meat. We love that we don’t have barns full of manure from crowded cows. Knowing that our cattle are eating what they were bred to eat is a good feeling. The grass they graze on is fertilized with chicken manure, which puts nutrients back into the soil so the cattle have a healthy chew. 

Hobby farming has been a great opportunity to raise and grow food our own food. Living on a small-scale farm isn’t ever going to make millions and is often referred to as the ‘black hole’ of farming, but it does fill pantry shelves and freezers with fresh foods. When money is made by selling beef it goes right back into the farm for machinery maintenance, fencing materials, grain, and vet bills.  Hobby farming for us is more about knowing exactly where our food is coming from and never the money. We have work away from the farm for that! Our favorite meals are the ones where everything on the table was raised at home; the beef, the potato’s, the green beans, sweet corn and the fresh baked bread. 

With sixty acres of organic land we have plenty of room to ride our bikes, four-wheelers, side by side, tractors and trucks all over the property. Quite often you’ll find us fixing fence in the pastures where the cattle rotationally graze on the natural grassland.  

Thank You...

Buying large quantities of beef can feel expensive and sometimes hard to budget for, we understand and we thank you for making the effort to do so. There is a comforting feeling of having a freezer full of beef to enjoy and we hope that we can continue raising Herefords for your hungry families. Hungry Hereford Farm Thanks You! 

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