Hungry Hereford Farm

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Hungry Hereford Farm

Hungry Hereford Farm

Our Farm

Hungry Hereford Farm Est. 1910

This small family farm was established in 1910, long before my lifetime. Our family purchased the farm in 1980 and have been raising a variety of beef breeds over the years. We have pastured Black Angus, Charolais, Holsteins, Jersey,  and lastly red and white faced Herefords. 


The Farm

What’s not to love about farms? Every single day is filled with chores and projects and things to fix.


There is never a dull moment and most days we hardly sit down until late. The kids stay busy all day long running and playing and exploring old places. Building new forts and visiting old forts. Playing in old sheds and cleaning up their creative idea. We have a hay barn filled with junk to create the most amazing pretend places.


There are dogs and cats and kittens galore. Friendly sheep and friendly cows. We have barns to clean and wood to chop, roads to grade and lawn to cut. There is fence to make and fence to fix and even cows to chase back in the fence. There is always a house project, a landscaping project, a machinery fixing project and a garden to plant or weed.


The work does now slow in the winter. There is snow to move from here to there and buildings to heat with wood, water to keep thawed and animals to feed. Ice to chip and roofs to clear. There are pregnant cows, and pregnant sheep all winter long who need good nutrition and water. There is snow piled high and a pond to skate on. Snowmobiles rev up in winter on the trails and the sleds glide close behind them. Living on the farm is probably the most fun and the most work a person could have! 

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