Hungry Hereford Farm

Local Grassfed Beef – Pierz, MN Call Brent: 320-630-9471

Hungry Hereford Farm

Hungry Hereford Farm

Excellent pasture-raised grass fed Hereford beef

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The Farm

Established in 1910, these farm fences have seen a few animals in their day. If fences could talk...Take a peek around the farm.

The Beef

Our red-white faced Hereford cattle are not artificially inseminated or hormone induced. They are organic pasture raised cattle.

Beef Cuts

The Ordering Process

Learning how to 'order beef' isnt something that just happens. It is a process that needs some definition. We will walk you through it to help ordering go smoother.

Feeding Families for Generations

Raising cattle for families since 1910

Established in 1910, this farm has raised beef it’s entire life. The last forty years the farmers have been dedicated to holistic practices, keeping the land free of pesticides and building a sustainable ecosystem for creatures big and small. 

best burgers

Bulk Beef in Your Freezer

Burgers every night...the American dream!

Ordering bulk beef means a freezer full of beef cuts for every occasion. You will never need to shop the grocery aisles for beef again. Imagine burgers every single week or every night if that’s your jam! 

Call For Butchering

Call before the beef is gone. We only butcher a limited number of beef every year. Get your name on a 1/4 or 1/2 now!

Our Offering To You

Our Beef

We raise red-white faced hereford beef, bred with registered hereford bulls. Herefords have a calm, laid-back demeanor which makes them easy to work with. Our beef is tender and has a deep delicious flavoring. 

Our Butchering

We raise our steers to the age of 18-23 months before we butcher them. They have their own pasture and grass to eat. We keep up to 6 steers every year for butchering in February. 

Our Butcher

We bring our steers to the local butcher (RJ’s Meats in Hillman, MN) where they are slaughtered and hung for ten days. You receive your beef packaged and frozen within two weeks of dropping off. 

What Our Customers Say

Brent and Becky are efficient and great to work with. We had our beef processed within the timeframe and our budget and we are most happy with the flavor of the meat.  

I was so impressed by their farm and their friendly approach, we’ll be contacting them for beef again.

Emily Thompson, St. Francis

Hungry Hereford Farm is great to work with because they are organized. We were able to visit the farm and see how they raise their beef.  The process of butchering and the cost was well communicated. In the end we received organized boxes of our frozen wrapped beef just as expected. We look forward to working with Hungry Hereford again next year. 

Bob Tripp, Pillager

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